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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Head in the Club from Rachel Starr of the Day

Machine Gun Kelly is some rapper that all the college kids fucking love…

He fucks a pornstar that I am sure all of you love named Rachel Starr, who if you aren’t family with….you can see some of her porn if you CLICK HERE ….

And sometimes when things get “Turnt up” in the club, as they often do for rappers, you just gotta let a horny daddy issue bitch suck your dick in front of the crowd….

I know porn girls and I know they just can’t control themselves, they just need dick all the time, to the point of annoying, or crazy, and I am sure this shit happened under total normal porno chick circumstances…because this is just what they do in their everyday life, their work life, and in their prostitution they do on the side to pay the bills…

I guess who really cares, it’s just funny.

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