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Raisa Raudas Nipples of the Day

I dont’ know who Raisa Raudas is…I guess I could google her…but I figure I’ll just post her nipples and do some outreach to you, my friend, my only friend, to do it for me….

I accept emails….or comments…

I don’t know why my brain is so lazy, maybe I’ve stroked out like Luke Perry. Maybe writing this site all these years has robbed me of my hopes, dreams, hustle, inspiration…my attempts to troll the mainstream media dead like my spirit….even when girls like Raisa Raudas are still out there motivated, doing all they can to reach their hopes and dreams….even put their tits out there….in what isn’t erotic in Europe…but is Erotic in America…and I’m sure Europeans still jerk off to tits…I mean at least the non queer ones who are hard to find since they all have the silly queer accents…

Point being….Raisa Raudas…doing good things for all of us.

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