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Saweetie Nipples of the Day

Here’s a little color for your fucking day…. I’ll let FLY HIGH WITH SKY caption this one…He’s got all the insight on the multi-ethnic posts we put up on this site, most regarding historical references that would probably upset you….

I’m old so I don’t know what a Saweeetie is, I just hope that’s not her real name….but you never know, there are some pretty crazy names out there and not just when you’re born to a crackhead.

I’m not saying Saweetie was born to a crackhead, she was actually born to a FILIPINO video vixen named Trinidad Valentin…a video vixen is a stripper looking bitch in rap music videos…

Her grandfather played football with the 49ers, his name is Willie Harper…..so she’s rich…or started out rich and now her tits are exploding out of her outfit because they can…


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Rap Music Video of the Day

The biggest travesty in the world isn’t that we all hate each other and are killing each other. It isn’t AIDS, or Cancer, or the obesity crisis. It isn’t that we are in a recession or poor, and it’s not corrupt governments or global warming. It is that this video on had 161 views at the time I posted this. Sure it could be from another site and it could be a joke and not for serious, but I think this prophet’s word needs to be heard, it needs to be on the radio and TV and sure I don’t really get it, but this is me doing my part…

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