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Raquel Pomplun is Playmate of the Year 2013 of the Day

Her name is Raquel Pomplun and she was just announced as being the Playmate of the year for 2013….and no one gave a fuck…because Playboy has fallen off harder than Hefner’s ability to get an erection….

and issue that has lead to him choosing the worst fucking bitches ever to be in his magazine, TV show, and whatever else he touches….thanks to the internet, Playboy and the glory days that made him a fortune are over….I mean I doubt he even knows where he is at the event….

Here are a bunch of pictures of her….none of them naked…because Playboy is evil and will sue me…and I’m not into that over nonsense sluts who just got titled a title that no longer means anything to anyone but a few strippers with a dream.

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Raquel Pomplun Half Naked in Pacific San Diego of the Day

Raquel Pomplun is some low level Playboy chick and she’s in lingerie for some random San Diego magazine, working her way to the top by taking off her top….but not in this spread….this spread is boring, badly scanned, and there’s no reason for me to post it….but for some reason I am…because things I do often remain a mystery to me….especially when it comes to half naked girls…they got a spell on me…..

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