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Raquel Welch is a 70 Year Old I Want to Fuck of the Day

I haven’t fucked someone over 70 in a long time….It was back when I worked at the old folks home and I wouldn’t really call it sex because the bitch was medicated, half asleep with a serious case of senility that made her forget who she was, which was the motivation behind choosing her, in an out of sight out of mind kinda thing that even if she woke up she’d have no idea what happened 3 minutes later and really it was a service to her cuz I knew she hadn’t fucked in a long time…

The nice thing about that romantic experience was that I thought I’d need lube, but really the walls of her vagina were so parted, that I popped rigt in….The horrible thing was seeing what I saw everytime I opened my eyes, cuz old lady ass is not something that should be undressed…

Unless of course it’s Raquel Welch, cuz she’s 70 and I’m in fucking love.

I generally don’t like that plastic surgery, plastic emotionless face that makes bitches mainly in LA look like fucking aliens, but something was done right…she’s so good that I wouldn’t have to close my eyes and remember her 1960s stupid tits…I’d be happy with what was on my plate in front of me.

Seriously….I could jerk off to these pics and she’s not doing anything in them…except for being a hot 70 year old..and for some reason her being 70….and reflecting on all that pussy has seen…and all the wisdom it garnered from its experiences is better than porn to me….

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