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Rashard Mendehall Humps Ben Roethlisberger to Keep Up Team Morale of the Day

I don’t watch football, but I always make fun of how gay it is to both play it, hang out in the locker room, but more importantly obsessively watch it…

Here is Rashard Mendehall keeping up team spirit as he humps Roethlisberger…and it’s just typical football behavior….usually they save this for the long nights away from the family while on the road and when in the lockeroom, and I am sure a lot of you are happy to get a taste of this, I mean since you spend your days watching these men in tights ram into each other, over and over, fighting for balls….

You bunch of queers…especially you Steelers fans…I’ve seen you in action and it is some real blue collar, welfare, trailer park, fat wife shit….what I like to call the foundation of being a fucking closet case.

Enjoy….and remember you’ll be able to see this again when they play at the superbowl…

I don’t do sports…but I tried

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