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Rayne Ivanushka for TREATS! Magazine of the Day


Her name is RAYNE , I follow her on Instagram, I have no idea why, but I do…maybe it has something to do with her being the kind of model open to getting naked, which is really all models, and really all women in general, because nudity is awesome, they feel sexy being nude and #free the nipple….

I find it difficult to differentiate between real models and instagram models and just girls who have day jobs and find it fun to do nude photoshoots like their instagram was Playboy in the 70s, when nudity mattered…this is all so repetitive, all the pics look the same, and is as boring as nude pics can be…with is pretty boring, but at least there’s tits.

But I realize, that it doesn’t matter what the intention of the nudity is, as long as the nudity happened, because nudity is better than non nude….or implied nude…even if it isn’t a big deal, as girls get gangbanged in video on the daily, a set of tits, like in Europs is “whatever”…

I do know that Treats!, in Los Angeles is a hub for girls, trying to find rich guys, or in The Tits from the Blurred Lines video a stepping stone to fame, and I guess any other girl they feature is looking for the same thing, doing the same picture, posing the same, especially other girls with Eastern European sounding names…

All this to say – if I was rich, I’d hire her as my girlfriend and pay her in expensive things, not cash, because that would be hooking and hooking isn’t real love.


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Rayne Ivanushka’s Boobs on a Boat of the Day

Her name is RAYNE IVANUSHKA and she’s amazing….I don’t know if she’s an actual model, an aspiring model, an instagram model, or a girl who is just into being fun enough to get naked or topless for her photographer friends who are looking for girls to take pictures of, like BENJAMIN SKINAS , the guy who shot this…

I just know that whatever she’s doing, it makes me want to go sailing…by using her vagina as a sail and my mouth as the boat…

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