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Real Housewives of NY Bikini Pics of the Day

They lost me at Housewives…..seriously, these bithes, as much as they try, look old, sloppy and like rich housewives everywhere….something I can’t stand looking at, it is almost like a circus performance, which is probably why they got their own TV show, but I pretend it doesn’t actually exist….

The only time I like fucking housewives is when they are bored trophy wives, barely 30, annoyed that they married a boring rich 50 year old dude, and seeking low key revenge, and I happen to be it cuz we randomly crossed paths when she was drunk and at her lowest point, and I only do it so she sees that sex can get worse than the sex with her husband….basically saving her marriage she happily goes back to with memories of the hell that was me easily forgotten a few weeks later….

These bitches aren’t hot….in any way….but I’ll post the dumpy mom in bathing suits anyway…cuz maybe there are some 80 year olds on the site thinking “Shit, look at that young babe”…but I doubt it.

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