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Reeva Steenkamp Memorial Pics of the Day

You’ve probably all heard that Oscar “Blade Runner” Olympic freak with no legs Pistorius….from South Africa… who came in last at the last Olympics…instead of first at the SPecial Olympics….who they took out of the Special Olympics for some PR Kick…has killed his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp….by shooting her in his house….

Now, it’s safe to say that when you have no legs, trusting a girl isn’t with you for the exposure, because you know she’s probably not really into amputee sex, and that she is into being seen as the girl who dates amputees for the media, making you hate her just for loving you to begin with……is probably an issue…

It is also safe to say that if you’re a girl who is dating an amputee olympic runner, who you have had a volatile relationship with and who has a gun….

Sure South Africa isn’t a safe place….and robber is a good excuse….but she’s dead and he shot her…whether accident or not….and that hero with no legs defying odds profile they did on him at the Olympics won’t fool me…if anything I thought he was cheating with performance enhancing robot equipment….

Here is her last tweet – creepy and Sad

Here are some of her model pics…RIP….fallen half naked soldier…

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