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I am – Hometown Hotties Finalist Erin of the Day


I decided to do a review of the 10 finalists for the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest because I figured it would switch up content here and give you the chance to see girls who aren’t famous slowly become famous by taking off their clothes for dirty perverts like you to jerk off to…These girls could be from your hometown, they could be from your high school, they could be your sisters, they are definitely not your ex-girlfriends…but they are probably someone’s ex-girlfriend.

This girl’s name is Erin and she is one of the ten finalists. I watched her video and she had so much interesting shit to say, like her name and where she’s from. The good thing is that there’s an interview to walk me through the complexities that make her who she is, like that she wants to be a model, that she is single, that her favorite music is Rob Zombie and her favorite food is Birthday cake…too bad she only gets that once a year.

Point of this is that she’s worth a round, but that’s not saying much to you, because the last time you ate a hamburger you got a boner just thinking about sliding your dick it it’s warm juicy goodness, you being blinded by your dick and sexual depravity makes you ignore that her tits are all wonky and she’s boxier than the trailer her Daytona Ass is from.

I am sure she’s a real treat when Spring Break roles into town, you know doing the wet t-shirt contest, exposing her vagina and bangin every ripped mid-westerner and his friends at the same time who have been training for his time to shine since he was in the 9th grade but unfortunately those skills probably won’t get her to the top 3.

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More to come tomorrow….

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