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The Danny Devito Debate of the Day

There’s a little debate going on in the Martinez household, that’s not really a house, but more of a crack den, but that’s not the point. I saw this really useless video of Danny Devito and his wife Carla from Cheers and I couldn’t really grasp how he fucks her. That’s when my wife jumped in and said that she doesn’t understand how Rhea Perlman fucks him. So we got into this little argument, where I’m defending that Danny Devito’s worth a round before Carla from Cheers, and on a scale of attractiveness, she’s a fucking troll and he’s just a short fat Italian guy and some sequence of events that lead to him going for her instead of some money grubbing gold digging wallet fucker lookin’ for the good life and finding it through some short fat Italian guy, while Rhea Perlman is just disgusting and no matter how much she made on Cheers, no money is enough to end up with her and it makes no sense to me, so I figured I’d bring the life changing debate to the site for you to discuss amongst yourself, since there’s only one person reading this shit….

Here’s Some Old Rhea Perlman Videos…..to prove my point….

Talking to the media….

Getting Pied….

Singing Autographs in Isreal

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