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Rhianna’s Hot One Piece Bathing Suit of the Day

Despite how much I hate Rihanna, her music and everything she stands for…there’s something about Rihanna that I find pretty fucking hot….I think that something is that she is rumored to have started her career as a teen prostitute, work ethic and drive coupled with sexual dysfunction I can appreciate….not that I like teen prostitutes, it is just that I like adults who I meet who were teen prostitutes, especially when they are million dollar pop stars….

She’s got this shitty cunty attitude and she offends everyone that I know who have met her with her abrasiveness and ego…they all say she deserved to get beat by her man Chris Brown, but they it probably wasn’t him, but her just beating herself and blaming him for it, cuz she’s that kind of bitch….

But she produces some pretty sleazy pics, for no reason other than attention, and that makes it all ok….even when wearing a one piece, she makes it sleazy when she doesn’t even have to…and that is pretty fucking good.

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