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Rianne ten Haken Hot in Harper’s Bazaar UK of the Day

Rianne ten Haken is a Dutch model…and like all other Dutch models, sounds like an idiot when speaking, because Dutch is some clown sounding shit, not that her speaking should really be a concern of yours because the chances you will ever hear her speak are about as likely as the chances you’ve ever heard of her….

She’s 25, she’s in Harper’s Bazaar UK, she’s hot, and that’s all that matters….more girls need to be up on this lookin’ like models kick…

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Rianne ten Haken Titties for Vogue Netherlands of the Day

Rianne ten Haken is some Dutch Model….and she’s showing her tits for some Dutch edition of Vogue…and it is really not all that impressive….considering I can barely fucking see her nipple and as a Euro trash pile of shit…she should be more liberal in her nudity…I’m talking smearing her twat on the window of an Amsterdam brothel trying to recruit my business, and not being boring, yet offensive to my native friends, fashion photoshoots mocking the native the white European raped…..withough showing her getting raped….you know cuz rape is the new stalking. Stay trendy.

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