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Richard Simmons Always Amazing of the Day

Richard Simmons is one of those gay dudes who is so gay it doesn’t make you gay if you jerk off to him, you know cuz he’s an honorary woman and even with the biggest penis in those dainty shorts, still has a vagina….at least that’s what I told myself back in the 90s when his work-out show was the only informercial on late night TV for me to jerk off to…I mean once Suzanne Sommers Thighmaster and the late night sex phone lines “we could have a really great time, if you call me, just call me, pick up the phone”….were exhausted…I’m just joking about the jerking off shit…but dude was a fucking ridiculous gay clown before everyone was gay, who pretty much paved he way for Lady Gaga, he was the OG Gaga, and that makes me laugh so I’m posting him anyway…

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