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Rihanna Bikini Pictures of the Day

The main thing I like about Rihanna is that she was a teenage prostitute and that’s how she got famous, at least that’s the rumor circulating around Barbados, her home island that can’t fucking stand her, and I get that, she’s turned into a real cunt, straight from the gutter, now ordering locals around and shit, but for some reason, I got through phases with this one, I like her, or hate her, depending on her hit song, cuz generally I base my opinion of people on the quality of their ass in a bikini, and not whether they treat the dude renting them Jet Skis on vacation like their friend, just cuz they went to school together…and if anything, I relate to Rihanny, that’s what I call her now that we’ve been friends in my imagination for so long, because I went to a restaurant some twat from my high school, was working, he happened to be the bus boy and the guy who tried to give me wedgies when I was new to the country, either way, when he rolled around, seemingly excited I remembered him in his clearly shitty life, and he hopped over when I called him, unfortunately for him, it was to ask him to throw my used napkin out….his face dropped…cuz I guess he was lookin’ for an old friend to grab a beer with…but I don’t let go of things….so instead I try to publicly humiliate back..

Not that it matters…what matters is how good Rihanna’s ass is looking right now…

I am also drunk tho…everythin looks good…except Tila Tequila Black Labia Lesbian Shit

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