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Rikki is the Hot Hipster Model of the Day

Her name is Rikki, I guess that is the cool thing to do these days when trying to be obscure, because being obscure is cool, and seems intellectual and interesting, despite the fact that everyone is trying to be obscure. It’s like hipsters were created a long time ago to be the anti-mainstream, but now that they are the mainstream, what’s become the anti-mainstream? Is it detaching from art and culture and questioning what is going on in the world, is it being the Gap wearing asshole I grew up hating…it’s not like hipster this eclectic group of future leaders…it’s fucking everyone..and with that means that everyone wants to be a nude model, because it’s artistic, or a photographer, because it is artistic…and it gives a constant flow of content for instagram…which something I am all for..

I don’t think you need to be a signed 23 inch waist model pushing 6 feet to be hot, or nice to look at in pictures. I don’t think you have to be a twig anorexic bitch to be a model. I think as long as you have a vagina and a guy with a professional camera like THIS GUY …it works for me..

So Rikki, whoever you are…I love you.

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