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Some D-List Bitches at Some Event I Wasn’t Invited To of the Day

I normally post on the hot pussy that attended one of the many events I wasn’t invited to, you know cuz I’m insignificant, but I figured where’ teh fun in that, it’s much more entertainging and abusive when I psot about bitches I consider totally fucking irrelevant in the world at events I wasn’t invited to, just to remind me how unimportant I am in the world of entertainment. You know in a rub it the fuck in kinda way….

It’s a lot funnier when mocking people who the world recognizes as more important than me, who I think don’t matter, cuz clearly they do, I mean they were invited to this party and I wasn’t…that must mean something…

Not sure if that makes sense, but it does to me…

Either way, here’s the irrelevant, yet more important than me pussy….

Mary Hart – I think the paparazzi fucked up this one. They said this is Mary Hart when I’m pretty sure it is Mary Cary….Unless Mary Hart got rebuilt….

Carmen Electra…..who doubles as Carmen Sandiege…or at least her career does, cuz where the fuck is it?

Malin Akerman Showin Some Cleavage…even if her tits can’t stand up to the task

Charlotte Ross who I’ve never heard of before, but who is obviously more important than me…despite being kinda scary as fuck in her red one-piece outfit….

Lisa Loeb is and the Glasses you all wanted to jerk off on, a decade later and far less appealing…thanks to the accessibility of porn that made most average at best entertainers not worth jerking off to….

Mena Suvari brought her massive, weird head that is aging in a massively weird way..unless she’s just medicated…cuz she likes to go massive…

I guess it was an American Pie Reunion cuz Shannon Elizabeth was there… alive and covered up cuz she must be 40 by now…in what m

Despite their uselessness, they’re all more important than me, even though they really don’t matter which means I really don’t matter so why are you reading this…

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