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Roksolana Lana is Ukraine Pussy of the Day

I saw some video of a TikTok babe doing the splits and figured I’d give her her own post, since we support talent in these parts, so long as we can jerk off to it…

As it turns out she’s an annoying Ukrainian pushing her favorite actor on her fans via TIKTOK because when the world is watching or celebrating your country, you best hop onto the latest virtue signaling trend.

I do not care about Ukraine or Russian issues, I am a firm believer of caring about local issues first and until they are all sorted out, those other fuckers can fuck off….but EVERYONE on the fucking internet seems to care about this bullshit….all siding with Ukraine after years of being told PUTIN is bad….so obviously, if you’re a TikTok pussy from Ukraine, you gotta use that to your advantage while the people are watching….MAKE it work for you, you only got one shot, miss chance blow…you get where I’m going here.

Ultimately, I like hot pussy from all countries, no matter how tyrannical, Nazi-Run, evil, or disgusting they may be…..I live in one of the more tyrannical countries, that pretends to be this overly nice constantly apologizing with our maple syrup…and don’t hate fellow Canadians, no matter how woke they are, so long as they are hot pussy.

So without any discrimination, or TRIGGER words, here’s some pussy…who cares where it is from, or what it’s passport says….so long as it is hot pussy that produces slutty content with its flexbility…

Whoring on the internet is international, GLOBAL….GLOBALISM….oh no.

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