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Stretching Like Rosa Acosta Break of the Day

Here’s a good enough way to start the day – even if the video is from years ago and every single Rosa Acosta fan has already jerked off to it – cuz being as up to date on pop culture as I am – I still don’t know who Rosa Acosta is – but have a feeling she’s in hip hop videos – cuz this is the kind of ass that works in those environments…..right?


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Rosa Acosta and Tammy Torres Behind the Scenes of their 2010 Calendar of the Day

Rosa Acosta is one of those pieces of gutter trash girls who I guess is in Hip Hop videos or some shit because I’ve been hearing her name a lot all because she’s got a stupid fuckin’ ass. It turns out she’s got a friend named Tammy Torres who is equally gutter trash who also has a crazy ass and since I was drinking til 6 am, this is an easy post for my hangover because I like ass, even if it’s on girls who the rest of them reminds me of whores at a bad 80s heavy metal show. They are shooting a 2010 Calendar because I guess their target market are really into Calendars because keeping track of dates is really important when you’re street hustlin’ and have 3 different blackberries, one for your baby momma to call you, one for your jump offs to call you and the other for bidness…..

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