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Rose Byrne Bodysuit of the Day

Rose Byrne Bodysuit

Rose Byrne is in some 80s aerobic TV show that this may or not be a picture fron, it looks pretty aerobic to me, but she is doing some ballet bullshit, so what it comes down to is who fucking cares, I don’t even know who Rose Byrne is, all I see is a leotard, which when American Apparel was pop culture everywhere, the leotards were the hottest product they had cuz it hugged pussy, asshole and tits all at the same fucking time…magical really…one article clothing covering all the fucking bases….

I do think anyone who wears a mask is a fucking idiot who deserves the parasites, meningitis, bacterial pneumonia they get from wearing a mask…but you know COVID protocols and all…she could have taken off for the selfie but maybe she’s got something to hide…masked like a bandit….or herpes sores…or aging….

She could have taken the mask off for her vagina spreading selfie…but why do that when you have lies to push on motherfuckers…right.


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Rose Byrne Bikini of the Day

Rose Byrne Bikini

Rose Byrne is a 41 year old Australian actress who I guess gets confused for being hot…She’s b4en in a bunch of movies but I still don’t really know who she is…but I do see her in an age appropriate, or mom appropriate bikini that is pulled up to her fucking neck as she humps the air, clearly trying to achieve orgasm from the wind, as all horny girls do…

I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t be jerking off to 41 year old women, but realize the average age of the one guy on this site is about 73 and to him 41 is jailbait…it’s unfortunate when you’re blogging career that once got you featured in a Magazine you were bigger than in terms of web traffic, becomes an old folks home act, but that just the life I’ve chosen.

Rose Byrne Bikini


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