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Roshumba WIlliams in a Wedgie Skirt of the Day

Here’s my post to keep the NCAAP happy. The last time I tried to make them happy is when I got attacked for being a racist so I made a 5 dollar donation to their charity. I figured anyone who donates shit to a cause can’t be against that cause….not that I’d ever say I am a racist becaus I am not one, some of my best friends are black, I just like using conventional racial terms of endearment like “Negro” or “colored folk”…cuz shit’s funny….and people are too fucking uptight…sensitive and emotional about calling people out on this shit…

I just have a black girl fetish…they love showing off their ass. Just today I checked out a black girl in leggings long for her to notice and she got excited enough to turn around and give me a full profile shot…unless she was just waiting for the bus and didn’t notice me…and I just made up that she was performing for me cuz I am delusional…which is usually the case.

But when I saw that “For Colored Girls” Premiere and all the good pussy that was there, I couldn’t contain myself and it’s really just nice to see something for Colored Girls…Rosa Parks would be proud…except maybe for this stupid looking dress on Roshumba Williams that’s huggin’ that black booty proper…in some wedgie shit I can only assume tends to her booty showin’ off needs…

Other black girls at the event were Estelle’s tits…and her horrible face….

Here’s some Ciara….

My shit is so multi-cultural….Daphne Vega in a horrible see through….

I’m like the new Cosby show….here’s Veronica Webb

I want you to refer to me as Oprah…

This post is probably the worst thing I’ve ever done to the site.

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