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Rozlyn Papa from the Bachelor’s Sex Tape of the Day

I don’t watch TV, especially not bullshit TV like The Bachelor, that’s shit is for single women, or women unhappy in their marriages, but I do know that it’s a fucked up concept where a group of whores fight for the attention of one guy, when really they are fighting for the attention of America, so I wasn’t surprised when I read that one of the contestants had a porno past, cuz girls, when they’ve relied on their mediocre looks all their lives need to get paid, or when they thought they had their big break and would end up famous, only to be kicked off the show into obscurity, will end up sucking big black dick badly on video so people will keep taking about her…and all without showing the world her pussy, enough of a justification that she probably still doesn’t think she’s a whore……but with a name like Rozlyn Papa, it’s pretty hard to take those claims seriously, cuz I’ve had strippers with more legitimate stage names…either way, watch this black on blond bullshit…

Update – Turns out is a fake – I have no idea who she is – so I couldn’t have known better – but at least you saw black dick get sucked, I bet you liked it.

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