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Alberte Valentine for Rubén Suárez of the Day


I don’t know who this model Alberte Valentine is, but the last Albert I saw naked or half naked posing erotically, was an Albert that I never wanted to see naked or half naked, because he was a fat black homeless man..rolling around in the public fountain a few summers ago while on what I can only assume was bath salts…

I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t care what a girl’s name is, whether it is a black man’s name or a Spanish name, I just care that skinny girls around the world are linking up with photographers because everyone is a photographer, making a ridiculous amount of content for you to masturbate to, guised as fashion / art or photography…when really it’s just photoshoots for the sake of trying to get famous…and in doing that they do it half naked…which works for me…

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