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Rumi Neely – Original Fashion Blogger Looking Good of the Day

I know that this may be hard for you to believe or grasp, but probably not, because this isn’t TikTok and you’re not 15 years old, or being monitored by CHINA….and you are likely as old if not older than me…who else would visit a site like this…and you probably remember what I am about to say….but I KNOW THAT IT MAY BE HARD TO BELIEVE…but there was a time before Instagram ruled the internet…at least in terms of sluts posting up slutty content of themselves…and in that era…people had to have their own websites, that people would type into a browser on a company to see what the deal was…..instead of opening a catch all app on their phone…and not all blogs were pornographic, or based on celebrity sluts, or cooking…some were based on narcissists and their daily outfits.

So everyday these original and official fashion bloggers…because they had a blog to supper their blogging…and not just an IG handle…would post stylized pics of themselves showcasing their outfits for their fans….and brands got in on paying these people, some of them started their own brands, their blogging experience FAR more lucrative and interesting than mine….they saw it as a means to an end…that is far more luxurious…where as this blog is MY end….

Anyway, one of the Original group was named Rumi Neely, I think her site was FashionToast and I thought she was hot back then….I mean this is 10 years ago.

I randomly saw her in my IG feed, because I follow 8000 sluts, I use IG for less than 1 minute a day, and they probably don’t want an earner like this…who has created a multi million dollar brand around herself…getting more off the platform so they hide her shit….but I still saw it…the first time in years and it looks like she’s been doing good work…in terms of what I think good work is…which is sleazy and half naked….

She’s on the right side of the whore table, the one that gets her paid and all that, not trying to sell access to her snapchat…but they aren’t all that different….and as it turns out…she’s still pretty hot.


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