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Ruth Bell Topless with Shaved Head For Vogue Paris of the Day


I have no idea who Ruth Bell is, but I am going to just assume she’s part of the new feminist movement, because the new feminist movement is a massive movement, that companies, brands, media and Miley Cyrus realize they have to pretend to support, while half of their work is extorting women by presenting it as empowerment, when really it is just for consumption and commerce that the girl who is being used naked is not fairly compensated for…and men at the top of the food chain are being paid way more….but don’t tell the models…they think they are building a platform, that they are empowered, and that showing their tits will get their message that we’ve all heard, accross…

It’s silly vigilantism with tits..

Yes, I am assuming she’s a feminist because of her shaved head. I am such a male predator like that…and I believe girls with short hair are all feminst dykes…until they pull out their tits in a photoshoot…then I remember they are no different than a stripper.

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