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Sallie Axl and her Classy 2014 Calendar Photoshoot of the Day

Sallie Axl is some gutter Glamour Model shit….but in her defence so are all Glamour models…because the whole basis of a Glamour Model is to find them big titty girls when they are inexpensive, sign them into a contract, and recruit them into your magazine, where they show off their tits for very little money, but fame…fame that they can leverage to find good rich husbands…it is the dream most strippers I know have…that one day they will be saved by some knight in shining American Express Black card…only with this Glamour model hustle…there’s more hope of that happening, because idiot rich dudes think it is status to date some bitch who has been published, or who has her own calendar, because it is seemingly more high profile than some girl with a yeast infection from rubbing up against a dirty stripper pole…

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