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Sarah Bolger Nude Death Scene of the Day

Sarah Bolger Nude Death

I may have a website that is 90 percent celebrity based…but that doesn’t mean I am into celebrities…I only did it because I thought it was funny that I wasn’t interested in celebrities or celebrity culture…it was what made it a joke, but turned out to be a horrible prison, or joke on me, because I’m forced to post this shit…it’s the hell I’ve created for myself…some people are self destructive or abusive is way better fucking ways than forcing yourself to write about nonsense daily…sometimes 10 times a day…or more….clearly there’s a lot wrong with me..but who cares about that…

This is a sex scene from who fucking knows of an actress named Sarah Bolger who I’ve never heard of, but they say she’s Irish…from Dublin and thus a leprechaun….

She’s been in “Into the Badlands”….”Mayan M.C.”….and “The Tudors”….but I’ve never seen any of that shit…

But I have seen her tits and fat ass in this death scene / murder scene, who fucking knows…I figure a celebrity or actress playing dead is one that is alive and thriving, so take it in you necro freaks…

Sarah Bolger Nude Death
Sarah Bolger NudeSarah Bolger Nude


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Sarah Bolger for Esquire of the Day

Sarah Bolger is an Irish actress you’ve probably never heard of….she’s been in some shit that I’ve never heard of…and all I really know about her, or Irish people in general is that they like to drink and I like to drink…so together we can drink….

I also know that the Irish in Ireland are far less violent than the Irish in Boston, they are also far less white trash and they sound like pirates when they talk…especially when they are wasted…

Plus, every Irish girl I know is a tormented catholic girl who really wants to get fucked up the ass by random men, because getting fucked in the Vagina…is against Jesus’s way…especially this jesus….

All this to say, for an Irish girl, a breed of woman generally not hot, this one is pretty hot.

Here’s her nipple slip….


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