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Sarah McDaniel and Julia Rose Get Naked of the Day

Sarah McDaniel got new tits, here she is with Julia Rose

Sarah McDaniel is better known as KROTCHY, who was some funny girl with two colored eyes who went viral on the internet a few years ago. The blogs loved her….

Well as it turns out, she’s still got two different colored eyes, but she’s also got the worst fucking fake tits every.. There are bolt ons, but there are bolt ons by a drunk blind guy….she’s got the latter…

I get it, girls want big tits for attention, or for their career and big tits help, but there is nothing worse than shitty fake tits.

I would take lopsided saggy, soft to the touch, real tits over soccer ball, US WOMEN’s soccer with their equal pay cries….up stapled to her damn chest…

The girl Julia Rose is another IG whore who does premium snapchat, patreon, etc for pay…and runs a slutty IG account with pics of her friends…but you can barely see or notice her next to Krotchy’s monster implants on some Frankenstein kick…


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Sarah McDaniel Naked of the Day

Sarah McDaniel with her big tits cuz I like the big tits!!

It is really the only thing good in the world today, and if you think about it, big tits aren’t that great, they aren’t often attached to shitty people who don’t lost you bang them, so pics are just an awful diversion from the truth…and by awful I mean perfectly alright by me.


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Sarah McDaniel Naked for Treats! of the Day

Sarah McDaniel has 500,000 INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS because instagram is a hub that anyone can be someone – if they post slutty enough pictures, buy followers and get naked for influential photographers…and once they get enough of an audience they can get a modeling agency, and the occassional skinny TEA or Protein campaign – and the whole thing is pretty fucking stupid…and exhausting….especailly since there are thousands of girls who are just as hot, if not hotter, doing it better.

It’s all fucking contrived, fake, bullshit, even their faces look clown like and old, but they keep doing it because maybe they’ll get their hit music video job – so that they can outshine all other internet models.

The whole thing is fucking dumb, it’s just fetish porn, of girls in nice setting guys want to fuck, and follow because other people follow them – viral in the worst way…

I probably just prefer the girls trying to pull off the Sarah mcDaniel, assuming anyone even knows who she is by name, or cares…because clearly the number of instagram followers a model has, doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of money she makes modelling, because girls who are working models, don’t bother self promoting themselves like a bunch of fucking attention seeking hookers, trying to get noticed by the one dude who has a wallet, they are too busy already making money….but she thinks they know and care…

I prefer all the fringe instagram models, are just doing that shit for free, to get followers, or likes, but aren’t having it work for them – so they still work as cashiers at Walmart…or the local Olive Garden…

This one’s too far gone to be awesome, but she’s naked in TREATS!


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