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Sarah Morrissey at the Beach Showing Off Her Ass on Vacation of the Day

This is Sarah Morrissey, she’s the 2006 Miss Ireland. I don’t know much about geography, but from my experience every Irish girl I’ve ever come across has been fucking disgusting. They are usually bloated beer drinkers with fat asses who get too fuckin’ wasted to walk after their pasty white skin challenges you to a drinking contest but you don’t understand them because of their stupid fucking leprechaun accent.

On the positive side, they are easy, like most drunk girls and they have no problem letting you visit their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and by rainbow I mean night of binge drinking,unfortunately there never is much gold unless you count that time I found a used condom in one from the pub crawl the night before.

That said I’d still let this Sarah Morrissey bitch rub her four leaf clover all over my face, but that’s just because I am superstitious and will do anything I have to do because I need all the luck I can get.

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