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Savvy Taylor Naked in a Bucket of the Day

In very important Savvy Taylor news, since I’ve never heard of Savvy Taylor, but her nude pictures are on the internet so she was worth googling, only to find her social media, which is the blogging of the 2015s, you know fuck blogs, post a pic and get followers and make money, makes sense, at least for FB who owns all the real brand equity, let these idiots set up shop on our real estate, and hustle money on our real estate, but eventually we will collect, not to mention, their little shitty deals are nothing in comparison to the billions FB has made…right…

OK…well her name is Savvy Taylor and she’s got 70k followers – and she’s not a monster – but she can be…

She can also be naked in a bucket like a casual farm girl you’d want to milk, or at least milk yourself on.

I am into it.

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