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Vanessa Hudgens Reminds Me of Nude Scandals of the Day

There was an era when nude pics would get everyone excited about celebrities. Back when Paris and Lindsay and Britney were all showing their vaginas in various situations that made this celebrity bullshit almost entertaining to watch…it was like the scandals were actually scandalous…but then something happened where everyone stopped caring, we all got desensitized and celebrities became reality stars and accessible on Facebook and Twitter and the lovelty wore the fuck off…leaving idiots like me with sites no one cares about, with memories of the day I got a lawyers letter for posting this teenage Disney stars muff, telling war stories in bars, when everyone else has forgot the war…it’s gonna be time to move on soon…I just have no where to go….at least if I got pics of naked chicks wanting fame it’d be worth going on…but that never happens…so everyday is just a miserable reminder….RIP celebrity scandals…you don’t exist anymore and Vanessa Hudgens is our reminder of the last we care about….and here she is showing off her little slutty body, in a slutty aninmal print dress, making slutty bedroom eyes on her slutty immigrant face at an event that is probably not even worth mentioning…cuz they are all bullshit…maybe I’m just depressed that I’m not drunk right now…Let’s forget this emo shit ever happened….

Pics via Bauer

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