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Kendra Sex Tape Screenshots of the Day

Being famous is a business. There’s a lot of competition and fighting for attention, so when you have very little talent and made a career off being naked, you figure there’s only one way to keep people’s eyes on you, especially now that you’re a dumpy mom who has destroyed any sex appeal she might have had back when she was whoring herself out to Hefner.

I guess the biggest joke in all this is that bitch is pretending she had nothing to do with this video and that she is going to sue, when really she’s just hoping to make a buck off her ass like she used to, and maybe if she’s lucky, she’ll be the next Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, but will more likely be the next Linda Lovelace, a misunderstood pornstar who can fight her demons until she dies of an overdose….

I am all for seeing bitches fuck, even inbred looking bitches like kendra, I like to rate their fucking form, like a synchronized swimming judge, so I hope this encourages the youth to get up on filming the fuck, but I think we’ll probably need Miley running the lead on that venture….since the only fans Kendra has watch Nascar and don’t shower and figure jerking off to her is better than fucking their sister…

She’s supposed to be 18 in this video, and her career would have taken a nice turn, if she was still 18, when now it’s just like watching a different person in action….

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