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Sean Stewart Gets Pussy of the Day

I came across these pictures and felt the need to post them because I like to follow Sean Stewart’s every move. Especially when it comes to getting laid.

The guy is a pussy who cries about how his dad was never there for him and blames his dad for his drug addiction like a pussy rich kid would, instead of just embracing the fact that he hates himself just as much as everyone else does and that he’ s probably 30 years old and still dealing with lame teenage bullshit, because he’s fucking coddled, has all the money sent his way so that his dad doesn’t need to feel guilty about hating the cocksucker, all while he works towards a long and drawn out, boring and typical self-destruction.

But none of that seems to bother girls, they seem to think getting in with him is as close as they’ll get to getting with someone who is famous or has money and that maybe they can convince him to buy them Chanel or someshit, because personal gain is the only reason anyone would hang with him.

Bonus that is Seriously Not a Bonus – Here is His Dad Taking His Lamborghini Linguini for a Drive….

Here’s the Video…

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Sean Stewart Hanging With a Homeless Man of the Day

Sean Stewart is wasted, has white shit all over his face, refuses to give a bum a dollar, then gives him a hundred dollars because I guess in the end he realizes that he has a lot in common with the bum.

They both don’t work for his money and rely on hand outs, only unlike the bum, his drug addiction wasn’t the cause of his problems, but the result of his dad wanting nothing to do with him his entire life and just paid him to go away, so sad little Sean turned to drugs to fill his spoiled immature void…either way, watch the video even if you don’t care about this mental case, which you don’t because neither does anyone else in his life,

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