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Sears Shopper of the Day

I thought the whole point of the Sears Lingerie section was for perverts to get turned on and jerk off. I figure most people who get off fucking women’s lingerie actually buy the shit and take the shit home to jerk off all over, but it’s the fucking recession and some people don’t really like to steal, so he compromised, but unfortunately the law didn’t, cuz jerking off or fucking clothes on the rack of a department store in public is illegal…who knew?

I feel for this dude. Not only have I rubbed my dick up on panties in the past but I’ve also spent hours outside and inside lingerie stores watching bitches shop and try on clothes….You see, we come from a generation where there was no porn so we discovered ourselves with our mom, sister, neighbor’s underwear and/or pictures of bitches in the Sears catalog in lingerie and now that dude is in America he’s taking it upon himself to make that shit a reality…He’s just living the American Dream you assholes trying to snuff this motherfucker’s good times out….

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