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Fran Drescher Can’t Stop Seducing Me of the Day

Fran Drescher has been seducing me since her days back on the Nanny, sure, I used to jerk off to that shit and I’m not ashamed. The fantasy of being a rich man who hires a street whore to take care of your annoying kids while servicing you whenever you give her the command is what a life of luxury is all about. Just the thought of her her laugh raped my ears and sounded like my muslim friends raping their family’s chicken’s egg hole gets me all worked up by thinking about the grunts and screeches she’d make if I were to ever rape her egg hole, there may be laughs but I’d be aiming for cries, if you know what I mean….which I hope you do, because I have no idea what I mean, this is just a filler post. Deal with it and look at her seducing poses and bra I wish was my mouth slip….

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