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Selena Weber Nipple of the Day

Selena Weber Nipple out and a white bikini

We don’t know who Selena Weber is around these parts, but we do know a nipple when it is flashed in what looks like a really low level photoshoot for instagram, which it probably is, since instagram, despite being run by an evil corporation that mines your data to collect information to use in creating AI that will take over the world, is what people participate in….and it really amazes me because they aren’t paid to use the platform, they just do it hoping to get seen, since the eyeballs are there…so they are doing free volunteer work with hopes of an upside, that they can’t control because the powers that are Facebook control the actual outcome…yet people keep going back like mice in some science experiment…and it’s fucking crazy….shareholders get richer, yet the bulk of people using Instagram don’t own stock in the company…

Who fucking knows…or cares really…this is about Selena Weber, unknown woman and her nipple…which is the name of the memoir she’s writing I assume..

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