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Sexting a Minor Punishment of the Day

I don’t know when the US judicial system turned their punishments into a Japanese Gameshow, but this shit is pretty fucking funny. Dude sent a dirty message to a 17 year old, who according to Oprah probably sucks asshole while getting fucked by stranger cock at teenage sex parties, and instead of going to jail he has to walk around with a fucking sandwich board announcing to the world what he did and shit seems more like a joke than anything because I can’t stop laughing and I guess it’s better than the whole being listed as a sex offender and sent to jail for the shit cuz sexting 17 year olds is hardly sexting a minor….or sex offense…but I guess that’s just coming from me…who happens to think sexual commentary is good for anyone who’s already had sex…and these sex offense laws are far too strict when it comes to the grey areas like a 19 year old banging his 17 year old girlfriend getting arrested…but who cares what I think…just watch this clip…

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