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Shaia Lebouf Rocks’ My Wife’s Sex Hat of the Day

I am not going to spend too much time on this craziness, but I figured since I just posted Pete Wentz dressed in furry boots, I figure I should post a little Shaia Lebouf brown paper-baggin’ himself because it’s kinda the same clown behavior.

I assume this little cunt is letting celebrity get to his annoying little head, making him pull some kind of a Michael Jackson move, only instead of being scared of air and sun, this motherfucker is scared about bad press and us judging him for being drunk/high in public mid day, after losing his license for drunk driving, so he figures wrapping his hand in a plastic bag and his head in a paper bag will divert our attention from the stumble in his walk. I mean there is no other explanation for why someone would do this, unless he’s having a bad hair day, which is probably something vain celebrities stay inside for under normal circumstances, because they are soft little pussies, but not the kind of soft little pussy I want to fuck.

I know trying to mask myself because I was overcome with shame, I used to pull this same stunt everytime I jerked off in front of the mirror, or date raped a girl in front of a mirror, or on camera, you know I just couldnt stomach seeing my cries of pleasure, while knowing what I was doing was against god’s way.

Here’s a video from him later in the day showing how tough his is by calling the paparazzi fucking assholes after they prank him. Good times. I don’t really get why he’s still wearing a cast from an accident that happened in July, that’s pretty fucking weak of him, obviously it’s a cry for attention, like people who claim they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or some other made up disease. I guess they real tragedy is that his car accident back in July didn’t kill him, or leave him brain damaged and in a home, I figure he was driving drunk so he deserves it but more importantly, we don’t need these kind of people in the world, especially when they are shoved down our throat in the media and on TV.

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