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Shane Seng For TREATS of the Day


Treats! is alright, they are doing Playboy better than playboy, in fact, Playboy stole a lot of their staff for the Playboy rebrand, because the rich as fuck, old as fuck Treats Perverts, are not quite old as fuck compared to Hef, they are just LA and more with it, but still have access to mansions and photographers, thanks to the Facebook Twin money they are backed by, to lure in unsuspecting aspiring LA models to their “exclusive” star studded events, by getting them naked for great photographers…in what may be a high end escort agency masked as fashion and art…but that still gets these babes naked and that I support…

Here is Shane Seng, never heard of her, but I have got hard from her….insane body…and it didn’t cost a thing…because some Sugar Babies, mainly the ones who think they are models, are better than others…

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