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Courtney Love Being Carted Around in a Shopping Cart of the Day

I had a friend who was pretty much living on the streets for a little while because he had no job, no money and a couple awesome addictions and mental health issues. I would go visit him to catch up and have a couple beers and as the weeks went on, his smell got substantially worse. I asked him when the last time he changed his socks was, because I thought I was going to throw up at the smell of rotting flesh and he confessed that it has been a long time and it was becoming a problem because he thought he either had an infection or a foot fungus that was causing him massive grief. He offered to take off his sock to get my expert opinion but I just told him to go to a doctor and to change his fuckin socks more often, because if you gotta change anything as a matter of survival, socks are up there with underwear. Either way, he didn’t listen and I didn’t hear from him for a few months, one day when I was walking around – I heard some dude callin’ my name, I looked over and it was my old buddy and he was being pushed in a shopping cart. Dude’s foot had been amputated because he didn’t take my advice, and he couldn’t afford a wheel chair rental, so instead just let his friends push him around in one of their homes. It was a pretty awkward encounter, but when you’re poor you make due with what you got.

Either way, here are some pics of Courtney Love biting his style because she’s equally crazy and probably equally addicted and equally unhygienic but she does have a lot of money, so there’s really no excuse for her ghetto wheelchair, except for maybe that she’s a fuckin murdering cunt, but even that’s not much of an excuse for anything other than killing people.

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