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I am – Kate Hudson in a Robe of the Day


I would normally be excited to see pretty much any girl wearing a silk robe. It’s like lingerie that isn’t as explicit as lingerie and when you watch as much porn as I do, sometimes seeing girls covered up is hotter than seeing them spread open with things being shoved in them. The silk robe reminds me of some pinup shit from the 50s, but not when it’s on Kate Hudson. All I see is a woman being blamed for the demise of Owen Wilson, when I think the reality of it all is that he tried to kill himself after realizing that he had been banging her all these months. He was like “this boring bitch is so boring that even when she wears silk robes she’s boring, what the fuck was I doing, I don’t deserve to live” and slashed his wrists then called his friends because he didn’t acutally want to die but was making a point….

Speaking of boring….I am on some Librarians mailing list that some asshole reader put me on back when I was more abusive to people through email. I was starting a war with someone for whatever reason and he signed me up to 1000 mailing lists. He won the war because within an hour I was getting 100s of fucking newsletters. I managed to get myself off all of them except 1 and it is the WorldCat Collection Analysis group. This is a sample of the last email they sent:

The export function in WorldCat Collection Analysis is currently not behaving properly. Users can currently export a batch of up to 2,500 records. However, if a user tries to export records beyond the initial 2,500 (i.e. records 2,501-5,000), the initial 2,500 records are reported again. We are currently working to resolve this issue and will notify this list as soon as possible.

All other functions in WorldCat Collection Analysis are functioning properly.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you.


Today people started emailing into the mailing list asking to be removed so I responded with nude pics of chicks saying “you can’t leave the party now, we’ve only just started” and shit like “Hey Ladies, What are you wearing, I am so hard right now”..no one has responded to me, because librarians are fucking boring…

Kate Hudson should have been a librarian. Here are those pics…

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