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Simona Fusco’s Got Tits of the Day

I posted on this nobody in a bikini a couple of days ago and I seemed to have missed her tit pics. I figure that all you really care about is seeing her tits and that you’ve already taken her pics to photoshop in efforts of erasing the bikini in them, so these pics aren’t news to you because you feel like you’ve already been there and done that.

I guess they aren’t really news to me either, since she’s pretty much a fuckin’ nobody, but I am going to post them anyway since tits are tits, except when those tits are attached to a fat chick, then they are just the better yet still disgusting bi-product of overeating, while the other bi-product of overeating is big stinky shits, which are usually not all that fun unless you are into fecal art…then that shit is your palette…literally. Yeah I suck today.

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