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Siri Crafoord is a Hot Model of the Day

I am into models. I know that in person they are tall freaks with weird looking faces and no tits…but in pictures they are fucking amazing…and based on my lifestyle and the places I go….the only models I see are good enough for 60+ fat chick porn mags…a fringe market that isn’t so lucrative to model in….but you get what I’m saying…and if you don’t it is that my only relationship to a bitch they named an iPhone 4s feature after, is looking at her pics…and as far as I’m concerned that’s good enough, we don’t argue because we don’t know each other, I do’t have to deal with her drama and bullshit cuz all girls are spoiled emotional brats and I get to jerk off to her or as I like to call it….make love to her pictures… whenever I want, and that lack of personal touch works for my autism…hugs and affection stress me out unless it involves me cumming on a whore’s face….

She was born in 1991 – she is Sewedish and she’s spectacular…

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