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Amy Winehouse Smoking Crack Video of the Day

You all know that if I had to jerk off to one celebrity, it would be Amy Winehouse, but that’s just because she looks like all the nasty busted faces drug addicted hookers I ever paid to fuck and I like reliving those days because despite the smell, they were fucking awesome.

Here is a video of her smoking crack and probably the reason she was re-admitted recently. I am probably late on this, but I figure you can never be too late on a hot video. This shit is something I’d watch over and over with my dick in my hand because there’s nothing hotter than watching a girl be a slave to the pipe…because you know that intense addiction will usually lead to her being a slave to cock to because when you hit rock bottom, there’s really only one way to get your fix. Addiction is awesome for your sex life. Cuddles.

To Watch Amy WInehouse Smoke Crack

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