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Bar Refaeli Snow Suit Slut of the Day

Here are some pictures of Bar Refaeli posing in a snow suit for Subaru like the whore that she is or at least that she pretends to be when Leo busts on her face and makes it’s rain on that ho. The only reason I am posting them is because no matter what a girl does she will never look hot in snow suit.

I live in Canada and I never understand why the fuck anyone would settle here. It’s fucking cold and it leads to women wearing layers of clothes to cover up what would be a half naked body on the beach if we were anywhere else. I ended up randomly going to a ski hill with a friend of mine this weekend because he told me there was a whole lot of underage drunken after-skiing chicks and he was willing to sponsor my night. By the time I got there all the girls were rockin’ a pair of snow pants and over-sized ski sweater and their asses looked about 4 times the size of what they would if they were in a bikini, their hair was ratty as fuck, no make-up and looked like they just woke up for a 3 day nap with the flu, but that didn’t stop me from trying to get them to take off their long underwear and try take a ride on my chairlift and by chairlift I mean face. That’s all I have to say about that.

Bonus – Bar Refeali in Arena Being Labeled Best Body of 2008 in a Bikini

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