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Hot Blonde Chick Waiting for her “DrunkenStepfather” Gets Excited for Me of the Day

Don’t be jealous. You can’t get hot blonde chicks writing your name across their topless stomachs too. All you need to do is launch a website 6 years ago, update it everyday, beg everyone you can for traffic, and promise low level fame in exchange for it….

I am not sure if it is my ego talking, cuz I have pretty low self esteem, thus resulting in no ego, but seeing some hot pussy with my site written on them being is pretty pornographic on some dominance level reminiscent of cumming on a bitch you just met’s face after fucking her without a condom to make sure she remembers you, even though she’s asleep.

Or maybe I just like half naked chicks who write on themselves cuz I never had markers as a child, or it could just be that cock teasing whores always fuck with my emotions when they hide their tits and pussy and tell me I can look, but can’t touch cuz I am not worthy….because rejection is all I know…

Either way, this was a nice find in my email today, I suggest more of you start sending in shit like this, cuz it is a shortcut to my heart….and penis…


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