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Sofia Coppola Nipple of the Day

Sofia Coppola Nipple

Sofia Coppola wore a see through outfit to an event because she’s a naughty little rich girl and naughty little rich girls like being naughty in efforts of getting attention because being a rich girl fucks with your head..

She’s also some entitled, thinks she’s an artist thanks to her dad, makes chick movies and will likely direct blockbusters soon enough, now that she’s proved herself as an artist, and the whole thing is less interesting than it should be, because girl’s dad makes fucking hits…and knows everyone…you know….

It’s a lot easier for anyone really, when your dad did the Godfather series, amongst countless other classics. You kind of get that funding to do your shitty projects, and people take you seriously enough to not piss off your dad, or to be respectful…

But seeing her old lady tit, even though she’s old…isn’t something we needed to see, but I guess it’s something she wanted you to see, to really solidify her position as a feminist in hollywood, in an era where women are standing up and taking over, and when they have a track record that will lead to more money because that’s the hustle all these people are up to….maximizing their own careers…narcissistic assholes with the egos…
taking advantage of a window of opportunity…

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