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Sophia Culpo in a Bikini of the Day

We live in a world where the sibling of what you’d consider a z-list celebrity – is getting shot by the paparazzi in staged bikini shoots…which isn’t really all that impressive of a feat, all the bikini paparazzi shit is staged, so Olivia being in the system, just needs to make a few calls or texts to get her sister in the system….but here I am talking about her like she matters, even though CULPO doesn’t matter….

Sure she’s a Pageant girl who turned influencer after a series of celebrity cocks penetrated her, allowing her to amass a huge following on social media that is in part definitely fake, but that brands see as a good place to advertise, making her serious fucking money…but in the grand scheme of the world…she’s some low hanging fruit, sliding into athlete DMs, no matter how many millions she’s made on the GRAM…

But the fact that the family can monetize off Olivia’s vagina, is hilarious, ridiculous, but expected considering people don’t need to do anything to be famous, besides be sleazy on social media, it’s where the eyeballs are.

No Sophia Culpo is probably younger, possibly more natural looking, but all this shit is manufactured clickbait, so look at her ass in a bikini the way their easy and obvious marketing tactics intended….

I just wonder if people realize that you don’t have to follow all these idiots and you don’t need to follow their siblings either but staring at the ass in a bikini is ok…..she’s at 115k followers, so now she’s working with her sister’s team to hit that million….easy money for everyone, like an older sister turning a younger sister into a stripper….the scam worked for one and can work for all!


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