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Sophia Lieberman Nude Enough Shoot of the Day

Sophia Lieberman’s bio is “You’ll remember me someday”…meaning she’s just out there trying to go grow her modeling career and her celebrity through nude photoshoots and other lifestyle blogging as these people do…which isn’t actual blogging, but I guess could be seen as blogging, since they are documenting their lives and interjecting it with bullshit nonsense opinions that don’t matter, to sort of pad and buffer the nude shoots, so they don’t seem super shameless and attention seeking, even though we get it from her bio of “You’ll remember me someday”….we get it.

I don’t get why she’s only got 3,000 followers….

I do get that she’s far hotter than the S. Lieberman I once knew who was my accountant many years ago….an old man who smelled of brisket and dill pickels…maybe a relative of these tits…WHO KNOWS…

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