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Sophie Tween Simmons for Galore of the Day

My favorite magazine right now is GALORE ….

I think they are putting out some of the best stuff around, and I am not just saying that because I am friends with the person who shot this magazine, I am saying it because I genuinely think they know what’s up…and I’m not just saying it because I think Sophie Simmons, the girl you didn’t want to have sex with on the Gene Simmons Family show, because she was fat, unless you were a Gene Simmons Fan, into fucking anything that came out of his cock, even a jar of his semen, because he’s brain washed you that hard…

But I’m kinda into her leaner body, getting naughtier, posing in her panties, amongst black people…like the cream filling in an Oreo cookie that kinda makes me want to cream in her cookie….



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